Organizing Committee

The 2017 WSRC-10 Organizing Committee is made up of the following:

  • Scott Jackson, Professor and Director of Center for Applied Genetic Technologies
  • Wayne Parrott, Professor, Department of Crop & Soil Sciences
  • Zenglu Li, Associate Professor, Center for Applied Genetic Technologies
  • Louise Wicker, Professor and Director, LSU AgCenter, School of Nutrition and Food Sciences
  • Casimir C. Akoh, Distiguished Research Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology
  • Tim Grey, Professor and Research Weed Scientist
  • Brent Marable, Assistant Director, Plant Licensing, UGA Innovation Gateway
  • Keshun Liu, Research Chemist, USDA Agricultural Research Service
  • Kent Burkey,  USDA-ARS Plant Physiologist and Professor of Crop Science and Botany, NCSU
  • Greg Tylka, Department of Plant Pathology & Microbiology Professor, Iowa State University